b'PaperClip ChainsSTERLING SILVERGOLDEXPRESSSERVICE SMHOT SELLERSSTELLARI GOLD Lifetime Warranty CardSE-1168NEW SS-3715 PaperClip Link EarringFull Diamond Cut 18K Gold over Sterling SilverSee page 89 for available lengthsSE-1164 Patented Integrated PaperClip Earrings Paperclip LockHOT SELLERS STELLARI GOLD String TagSE-1169PaperClip Link EarringNEW18K Rose GoldSS-3725over Sterling Silver Full Diamond Cut, 18K Gold over Sterling See page 89 for available lengths SE-1165Patented IntegratedPaperClip EarringsSE-1167 Paperclip LockPaperClip Link EarringSEE PAGE 3 PaperClip ChainsSTERLING SILVERPaperClip Chains 18K Gold over Sterling Silver 18K GOLD OVER WITH RHODIUM Sterling Silver with Rhodium FOR 14K GOLD STYLES Stellari Gold GUARANTEED not to wear. STERLING SILVERPCDS-040R(3.9gr) 2.0mmDia. Cut Beveled Dia. Cut Beveled 2.0mm(3.9gr)PCDV-040 PCDS-060R(5.9gr) 3.2mmDia. Cut Beveled Dia. Cut Beveled 3.2mm(5.9gr)PCDV-060 PCDS-080R(8.5gr) 3.5mm Dia. Cut Beveled Dia. Cut Beveled 3.5mm(8.5gr)PCDV-080 PCDS-100R(12.3gr) 4.5mm Dia. Cut Beveled Dia. Cut Beveled 4.5mm(12.3gr)PCDV-100 PCDS-120R(10.5gr)5.0mm Dia. Cut Beveled Dia. Cut Beveled 5.0mm(10.5gr)PCDV-120PCRS-120R(14gr) 5.0mmRound Round5.0mm(14gr)PCRV-120PCFS-150R(19gr) 6.0mm Square Square6.0mm(19gr)PCFV-150Weight in 18 shown in ( ) for reference. Most styles available 7, 8, 10, 16, 18, 20, 24 & 30. 104 STERLING CGCreationsHuman 800-431-1606Fax [email protected] 2/10/2024SILVER'