b'14KReligious MedalsMiraculous MedalsIn Paris in 1830, the blessed Virgin appeared and instructed St. Catherine Laboure to strike and distribute what was an exact vision of what became of the Miraculous Medal. BC-2001 BC-2013Miraculous MiraculousBC-2002 BC-2012Miraculous MiraculousBC-2003 BC-2011Miraculous MiraculousBC-2124MiraculousBC-2028 BC-2016St. Christopher St. ChristopherSt. ChristopherThe patron saint of travelers. One of the BC-2027 most popular saints, his name meansBC-2017St. Christopher Christ carrier. St. ChristopherBC-2026 BC-2018St. Christopher St. ChristopherSt. JudeThe patron saint of the poor and BC-2087 of women who can not conceive. BC-2120St. Jude Guardian AngelBC-2088 BC-2112St. Jude Guardian Angel Guardian AngelAn angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person, BC-2089 group or nation. BC-2113St. Jude Guardian AngelSt. JosephThe patron saint of labor and the patron CALL saint of dying. Joseph the just andCALLSt. Joseph righteous man. St. AnthonyBC-2070 BC-2056St. Joseph St. Anthony St. AnthonyPatron saint for the recovery of lost items and is credited with many miracles BC-2069 involving lost people, lost things and evenBC-2057St. Joseph lost spiritual goods. St. Anthony40 14K All items on this page are solid 14K Gold with high-polished backs. GOLD'