b'Charms STERLING WITH RHODIUMBEACH ATTIRE LC-307 LC-109LC-388 LC-108LC-282 LC-292 Whale Tail with LC-334 Dolphin (ZK) Seahorse with Crystals Seahorse with CrystalsTurtle with Crystals (ZN) Turtle (ZL) Crystals (ZH) Dolphin (ZL) (ZL) (ZL)LC-116 LC-384 LC-107 LC-351 LC-291Blue Fish (ZD) Oyster with Pearl Oyster Shell with Pearl Crab (ZK) Crab with Crystals LC-385(ZK) (ZG) (ZK) Lobster (ZK)LC-359 LC-105 LC-284 LC-104 LC-103Mermaid w/Pearl (ZL) Life Preserver (ZK) Starfish with Crystals LC-430 Lighthouse with Crystals Sailboat with Crystals LC-343(ZN) Palm Tree w/CZs (ZL) (ZK) (ZK) Sailboat w/Crystals(ZK)LC-106 LC-173 LC-102 LC-101 LC-133 LC-149Beach Chair w/ Ships Wheel withPink Sandal withLC-360Boat (ZH) Umbrella (ZK) Crystals (ZH) Anchor w/CZ Accents Crystals (ZD) Flip-Flop w/Crystals Pink Striped Umbrella(ZK) (ZK) (ZG)HingedLC-294 LC-173LC-345 Sunglasses & Flip-FlopLC-140 LC-353 LC-370 LC-246 Go to Beach PailBeach Bag (ZL) w/Crystals Treasure Chest with CrystalsPail & Shovel (ZH) Pail & Shovel (ZD) (ZM) (ZL) and Multicolored CZ(ZP) Pirate Flag (ZL)66 STERLING All Zable Charms are .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium.SILVER'