b'Charms STERLING WITH RHODIUMGOLDEXPRESSSERVICE SMITS WINE OCLOCK SOMEWHERELC-304 Movable LC-305LC-301 White Wine Glass w/ Red Wine Glass w/ LC-302White Wine Bottle w/ Crystals (ZK) LC-196 Crystals (ZK) Red Wine Bottle w/Crystals (ZM) LC-194 LC-300 Corkscrew (ZG) Crystals (ZM)Wine Glasses (ZL) LC-330 Champagne Bottle & Champagne Bottle Glass w/Crystals (ZM)w/Crystals (ZN)LC-195 LC-303Wine Bottle & Holder Pink Champagne w/ LC-260 LC-207(ZL) Crystals (ZK) Margarita w/CZ (ZL) Chocotini (ZG) LC-369 LC-367 LC-197Cordial (ZL) Tropical Drink (ZH) Tropical Drink (ZN)YUMMY TREATSLC-200 LC-201 LC-251 LC-237 LC-309 LC-202Strawberry (ZK) Cherries (ZK) Crystal Cherries (ZM) Apple with Red Crystals Red CZ Apple (ZP) Half Apple (ZL)(ZH)LC-199 LC-338 LC-198 LC-287 LC-204Grapes (ZH) Corn Dog (ZH) Cola Cup (ZM) Popcorn (ZN) Gelatin Dessert (ZL)HingedLC-190 LC-205 LC-365 LC-208Fridge with Ice Cream (ZN) Cupcake (ZM) LC-203 LC-206 Cupcake (ZN) Be Mine LollipopsLollipop (ZH) Candy (ZH) (ZK)All Zable Charms are .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium. STERLING 67SILVER'