b'Charms STERLING WITH RHODIUMGOLDEXPRESSSERVICE SMFAITH & INSPIRATIONLC-270 LC-158LC-213 LC-161 LC-218 Yellow CZ Ankh (ZG) Angel with CZ (ZD)Angel with Crystals Cross with CZ (ZL) LC-422(ZL) Cross w/CZs (ZG) Cross with CZ (ZD)HOT HOTHOTSELLERSSELLERSSELLERSLC-266 LC-267 LC-416 LC-245 LC-247 LC-163Faith &Star w/CZ Hope w/CZ (ZK) Unicorn w/Crystals (ZK) Pink Angel (ZK) Blue Angel (ZK) Angel with Pearl (ZM)(ZH)LC-471 LC-399 LC-315 LC-312 LC-310 LC-383Cardinal w/CrystalsFeather Blue Crystal Angel A/B Crystal Angel Pink Crystal Angel Angel Sitting On a (ZK) (ZK) (ZK) (ZK) Pearl (ZK)LC-355 LC-354 LC-416 LC-421 LC-377 LC-242Peace Sign w/Enamel Peace Sign (ZH) Rainbow w/Crystals Dreamcatcher w/CZs (ZL) Evil Eye Yellow Happy Face(ZM) (ZK) (ZD)Opens, with Cross InsidePill BoxLC-113 LC-243 LC-424 LC-239 LC-395 LC-162 LC-339Ladybug with CZ (ZN) Ladybug (ZA) Ladybug w/Crystals Fleur-de-Lis (ZA) Infinity (ZM) Bible (ZP) Church (ZL)(ZH)All Zable Charms are .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium. STERLING 71SILVER'