b'Charms STERLING WITH RHODIUMHOBBIES & PROFESSIONSLC-121 LC-123 LC-340 HOTLC-235 LC-122Purple Flower w/ HOT LC-322HOTFlower Bouquet (ZL) Boxed Tulip (ZH) SELLERS SunflowerFlower Basket (ZG) Sunflower (ZG)Crystal (ZG) SELLERSSELLERSw/Crystals (ZN)Lid OpensWheel TurnsLC-119 LC-236 LC-120 LC-117 LC-118 LC-230Pruning Shears (ZD) CZ Flower (ZA) Thank You Flowerpot Watering Can (ZL) Wheelbarrow (ZK) Yellow Teapot (ZM)(ZN)LC-288 LC-327 LC-290 LC-281 LC-286Spool of Thread (ZK) Sewing Machine (ZM) Medical ID (ZL) Diploma (ZN) Graduation Cap (ZM)HingedHingedLC-349 LC-293 LC-186 LC-283 LC-187 LC-189iPod (ZK) Smartphone (ZN) Calculator (ZK) Computer Monitor Laptop (ZN) Cell Phone (ZM)(ZH)Movable HingedLC-193 LC-329 LC-188 LC-341 LC-180 LC-328 LC-138Scales (ZM) Chef (ZN) Pencil Case (ZL) Notebook (ZL) Boombox (ZH) Ballerina (ZH) Ballet Slippers (ZM)70 STERLING All Zable Charms are .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium.SILVER'