b'Crystal EarringsSTERLING WITH RHODIUMBZB-3009 BZB-3011 BZB-3007White Crystal Black Diamond TanzaniteBZB-3010 BZB-3006 BZB-3008Champagne Violet RoseBZB-3003White Crystal, 8MMBZB-3004Champagne, 8MMBZB-3064 BZB-3065 BZB-3067Iridescent White Crystal Black DiamondBZB-3005Black Diamond, 8MMBZB-3000Violet, 8MMBZB-350 BZB-351 BZB-352 BZB-353January February March AprilBZB-3001Tanzanite, 8MMBZB-3002Rose, 8MMBZB-354 BZB-355 BZB-356 BZB-357May June July AugustInside/OutCrystalHoopsBZB-3068 BZB-358 BZB-359 BZB-360 BZB-3613x25MM September October November DecemberBZB-31033x22x25MMBZB-362 BZB-363 BZB-364 BZB-365Iridescent Fuchsia Black Diamond Jet BlackBZB-30693x35MMBZB-380 BZB-383 BZB-381Black, White, Iridescent Snow Leopard Champagne & IridescentBZB-3058CrystalBZB-3079 BZB-3051 BZB-384 BZB-382 BZB-385Crystal/Pearl White Crystal Leopard Print White & Iridescent Iridescent56 STERLING All items are .925 Sterling Silver finished with Rhodium. Gemstone and Diamond colors are for reference only.SILVER'