b'Charms STERLING WITH RHODIUMHOBBIES & PROFESSIONSLC-178 LC-179 LC-394 LC-324 LC-175 LC-176 LC-352 LC-177Violin & Bow (ZL) Drum Kit (ZM) Music Note w/CrystalsMusic Staff (ZG) Music Notes (ZD) Guitar (ZG) Guitar (ZK) Saxophone (ZH)(ZM)HingedLC-287 LC-182 LC-181 LC-347 LC-130Popcorn (ZN) Movie Camera Camera with Crystals Blow dryer (ZL) Red Nail polish (ZL)with CZ (ZL) (ZP)LC-127Makeup Case (ZN)OpensOpensLC-386LC-252 LC-336 Suitcase with LC-231 LC-253Orange Trunk (ZK) LC-146 Eiffel Tower(ZH)Airplane (ZG) Zebra Suitcase (ZL) US Flag (ZK) Purple Suitcase (ZP)Wheels TurnLC-165Goldtone Taxi LC-164LC-192 with CZ (ZN) Peace Bus (ZP) LC-356 LC-167 LC-166Hot Air Balloon(ZK) Helicopter (ZL) Bicycle (ZH) Scooter (ZH)Opens, with Letter InsideHingedLC-342LC-346 Money Tree (ZK) LC-185 LC-145 LC-353 LC-337Dollar Sign w/Crystals Mailbox (ZN) Change Purse withPirate Flag (ZL) Handcuffs (ZM)(ZH) Coin (ZM)68 STERLING All Zable Charms are .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium.SILVER'