b'Valentines Day Selections STERLING SILVER Heart & SoulSM STERLING SILVERGOLDEXPRESSSERVICEGOLDEXPRESSSERVICE SMHOT MJ-70143 MJ-70144 SELLERS16 - 18Adjustable 16 - 18Adjustable MJ-70110 MJ-70109Satin/P Two-Tone MJ-70139tin/Polished 16 - 18Adjustable 16 - 18Adjustable16 - 1816 - 18AdjustableMJ-70148MJ-70145 16 - 18AdjustableMJ-7012116 - 18Adjustable w/SwarovskiCrystals 16 - 18Adjustable w/Crystals MJ-70122Tricolor 16 - 18Adjustable w/CrystalsHOT SELLERSSS-3497 SS-3499 SS-3498 NEW16-18 Adjustable 16-18 Adjustable 16-18 Adjustable SL-000016-18 AdjustableBeads & charmsBZ-2404 BZ-2290Mom HeartI Love You To The w/C.Z.(ZH) Moon and Back (ZG)INTEGRATED PAPERCLIP LOCKBZB-3801 WF-3607Scarlet Swarovski Crystal Swarovski Crystal16-18 Adjustable 16-18 AdjustableScarlet A/BBZ-2313 BZ-2413Open Heart w/C.Z. Open Heart w/C.Z. LC-592Cable Link Bracelet, 7.5(ZBS)LC-593 LC-594Cable Link Bracelet, 8 Round PaperClip, 7.5(ZBS) (ZBS) LC-269LC-595 Love Heart (ZK)Round PaperClip, 8BZ-2301 BZ-2284 (ZBS)Heart with Key (ZL) Always In 2-Tone My Heart (ZE)LC-350Enamel/CrystalLC-362 HeartLock (ZL)BZ-2282 BZ-2302 BZ-2100 LC-400 Enamel/Crystal HeartI Love You More (ZE) Infinity HeartRed HeartLove Locket (ZL)w/C.Z. (ZH) w/XO (ZG)All items on this page are .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium. STERLING 95SILVER'