b'AnkletsSTERLING WITH RHODIUMGOLDEXPRESSSERVICE SMADJUSTABLE SS-513ANKLETS Box Chain Anklet, 11 AdjSS-511Singapore Anklet, 11 AdjSMART Anklets contain a enables easy adjustment of theSS-514anklet length. Beaded Chain Anklet, 11 AdjSS-510Rope Chain Anklet, 11 AdjCable w/Bar Stations SS-31259.59,10 Adj.SS-124 Rolo w/Beads ROLS-051R Box Chain Anklet with Beads, 1010HOT SELLERSFancy Anklet w/Beads SS-34389 - 10 AdjustableSS-34489-10 AdjustableSS-3602Nautical, 9-10 Adj. SS-34499-10 Adjustable MARTINI SET CUBIC ZIRCONIA STUDSSS-3609Starfish,9-10 Adj. SS-34769-10 AdjustableSS-34489-10 Adjustable SS-3439HOT9-10 AdjustableSELLERSSS-3449 SS-34469-10 Adjustable 9-10 AdjustableSS-3447SS-3476 9-10 Adjustable9-10 Adjustable50 STERLING All styles shown above are .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium.SILVERSS-34399-10 AdjustableSS-34469-10 AdjustableSS-34479-10 Adjustable'