b'Toe Rings & Ear CuffsSTERLING SILVERGOLDEXPRESSSERVICE SMTOE RINGSQUANTITYDISCOUNTSAVAILABLE-Call for detailsSS-308 SS-310 SS-322 SS-357 SS-354 SS-353Spirals Swirls Crystal Flower Trio Claddagh C.Z. Solitaire X&OSS-323 SS-304 SS-307 SS-359 SS-315 SS-328 SS-358Fairy Snake Daisy Blue Crystal Flower Bamboo Purple Crystal Flowers DolphinsSS-300 SS-301 SS-350 SS-311 SS-319 SS-320 SS-321 Foot Toe Ring DisplayFlip Flop Hearts (Double) Dolphins Polished Band Celtic Knot Dolphin Band Pink Crystal Flowerswith purchase ofQUANTITY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE25 toe ringsSS-305 SS-306 SS-309 SS-355 SS-360 SS-337Flowers & Swirls Butterfly Peace Sign Greek Key (Large) Interlocking Rings w/Crystal Blue Crystal Flower- Call for detailsHIGH POLISHEDTOE RINGSS-312 SS-313 SS-314Cutout Hearts C.Z. C.Z. HOT HOTHOTSELLERSSELLERSSELLERSFOOT TOE RING DISPLAYSS-316 SS-317 SS-318 SS-399* with purchase of Greek Key Love Celtic Braid Polished 12 toe ringsSPECIAL PRICING CALLMARTINI SET CUBIC ZIRCONIA STUDSSE-1510 SE-1511 SE-1512 SE-1513 SE-1514 SE-15153mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mmEAR CUFFSSOLD INDIVIDUALLYSE-2001 SE-2002 SE-2003 SE-2004 SE-2005 SE-2006 SE-2007 SE-2008 SE-2009Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff CuffSE-2010 SE-2011 SE-2012 SE-2013 SE-2014 SE-2015 SE-2016 SE-2017 SE-2018Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff Cuff CuffAll styles shown above are .925 Sterling Silver. Most feature Bright Rhodium Finish.STERLING 51* Enlarged to show detail. SILVER'