b'Initial NecklacesSTERLING WITH RHODIUMGOLDEXPRESSSERVICE SMWF-3152 WF-3153Enamel EnamelWF-3150 WF-3155Enamel EnamelWF-3151 WF-3154Enamel EnamelWF-3156 WF-3157 WF-3162 WF-3164Enamel Enamel Enamel EnamelWF-3158 WF-3163Enamel EnamelWF-3159 WF-3161Enamel EnamelWF-3160EnamelWF-3165 WF-3170Enamel EnamelWF-3169WF-3166 EnamelEnamel WF-3167 WF-3168Enamel EnamelWF-3171 WF-3172 WF-3173 WF-3174 WF-3175Enamel Enamel Enamel Enamel Enamel76 STERLING All items on this page are .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium. Sterling Ball Chain included, can be adjusted to 15, 16 or 18 lengths.SILVER'