b'Charms STERLING WITH RHODIUMGOLDEXPRESSSERVICE SMITS A GIRL THINGWheels TurnWheels TurnLC-152 LC-153 LC-154 LC-150 LC-160Carriage with CZ (ZH) Pumpkin Carriage (ZM) Carriage Horse withTiara with Crystals Crowned Heart withLC-151Crystals (ZH) (ZD) Crystals (ZD) Magic Wand with Crystals (ZH)HingedLC-280 LC-125 LC-124 LC-126 LC-131 LC-128Crown w/Pearl &Vanity Table with Mirror Red Armchair (ZK) Hand Mirror (ZH) Faceted Crystal Bottle Compact with CrystalCrystals (ZL) (ZL) (ZG) (ZL)HingedHingedHingedLC-129 LC-130 LC-132 LC-184LC-127 Glitter Compact (ZL) Red Nail polish (ZL) Lipstick with CZ (ZL) Wristwatch (ZG)Makeup Case (ZN)LC-183SimulatedPocket Watch (ZM)Hinged Eggsopen to revealsecret compartment!LC-335 LC-211 LC-227 LC-228 LC-229 LC-226Sweet 16 (ZH) Little Princess Heart Blue Egg (ZH) Red Egg (ZH) White Egg (ZH) Pink Egg (ZH)(ZH)MovableOther colors available, see p.50LC-134 LC-136 LC-135 LC-143 LC-214 LC-225Cowboy Boot (ZN) Soccer Shoe High-Top Sneaker Shoe box (ZP) Faceted Crystal Gift Box White CZ Drop (ZD)& Ball (ZN) (ZM) (ZM)All Zable Charms are .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium. STERLING 65SILVER'